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Busy Living

Pardon our lack of updates, posts and general activity here at kidsgoRAWR. We have been busy living the last few months… Read More

Free Printable: Lunch Box Notes

Why is it so much easier to criticize than to encourage? So often I catch myself pointing out the poor choices my children make instead of voicing the good. Read More

The Mountain Games

These photos are brought to you through the perspective of our eight year old daughter, Lei’lana. She used her hand me down Read More

Mmmango Smoothie Mustache

Instead of ice-cream for movie night we made ourselves a healthy mango treat. The kids loved it and even asked for more! Read More

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Free Printable : Mother’s Day Candy Wrap

Need a last minute quick and easy gift for mom? We created these chocolate bar candy wraps just for you! Read More

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  • smoothie mustache
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Turn up the Beets Smoothie Mustache

There is no way I could get my kids to eat or drink beets without a proper disguise. This smoothie does just that! Read More

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  • he is risen

Easter – Saturday to Sunday

Lisa Ling shared this on facebook from a friend of hers and I thought it was worth a share on here. Read More

Live in the Sunshine

These photos are from an afternoon in Hawaii and remind me of a quote; “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Read More

Blueberry Smoothie Mustache

This blueberry smoothie has some spinach and avocado snuck into it for some bonus health points plus a ton of antioxidants from the blueberries! Read More

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  • Smoothie Mustache
  • Smoothie Mustache
  • Smoothie Mustache
  • Smoothie Mustache
  • Smoothie Mustache

Berry Fun Smoothie Mustache

Kicking off #RAWRmustache with a favorite. Lei’lana aptly named it ‘The Berry Fun’ smoothie because it’s loaded with berries. This one also makes for a great mustache! Read More

  • you were made to soar
  • you were made to soar
  • you were made to soar
  • you were made to soar